How to See Locked Profile On FB?

See locked profile on FB: Hi readers, are you trying to see a locked profile on FB? Do you want to view a locked profile on FB? Are you searching for how to see a Locked profile on FB? If your answer is yes then you are in the right place. Here in this tutorial, I am going to guide you to see a locked profile on FB.

As we all know Facebook is the most popular social media application available on various platforms. There are two billion active users Around the World using Facebook. Many FB users are trying to see locked profile pictures on FB. With the improvement of Technology, we have lots of online tools available in the internet market to help to see locked profiles on FB.

See Locked Profile On FB

To maintain privacy, Facebook allows you to hide or lock your profile picture and other photos from specific persons, non-friends, and strangers. This feature can protect users’ privacy and save them from strangers. A locked profile indicates no one can see your profile pic in enlarged view and this privacy setting is applied by the user who does not want to share a high-resolution profile pic in public.

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Here in this guide, you will find the best tricks to view locked FB profiles without breaking any privacy guidelines. That are different methods and online tools available in the internet market but here we provide very simple steps that help to see a locked Facebook profile.

How to see a Locked profile on FB

Due to the misuse of Facebook by a certain section of users who took up social media for criminal affairs the Palo Alto-based social networking company has enforced strong security measures for its users. The major changes include your profile picture and locked Facebook profile. But still, people like to see locked profiles on Facebook.

Disclaimer: This is an informative post shared for tech enthusiasts. we at fbsubnetviews always encourage social media users to respect the concept of privacy and we abide by the same discipline. our tech team will not be responsible for any misuse of the information shared here for technical knowledge.

Mind you that, there is no official way to See a Locked profile on Facebook. That is only possible on Facebook accounts on which the respective content is set to public access.

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Method 1: Using Mobile Browser

It is one of the easiest ways to see a locked FB profile picture. Follow the below simple steps that help to get a locked profile on FB.

  • First, you need to complete the login to your Facebook account using your mobile browser. You can use any browser but we recommend Chrome or Firefox.
  • Now you need to type the username you want to see in the search bar.
  • Now you need to add mbasic to the end of the Facebook keyboard in the URL bar.
  • It will unlock the profile on Facebook that you have on your smartphone.
  • https://www.facebook.cok/facebook_id Replace this code into
  • Just long-press the profile photo and tap on the download image option for the locked profile image to be downloaded on your device.
  • That’s it. Now you can view the locked profile on your Facebook account.

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Method 2: Using an Online Tool

With the improvement of Technology now we have lots of online sites and tools available in the internet market that help to see locked profiles on Facebook accounts. However, one online tool does exactly what it claims. With the help of this tool, you can easily copy the Facebook profile link into the search bar and view the full-size profile-locked Facebook account.

  • First, you need to open the Chrome browser on your device.
  • Now you need to search for Facebook profile pic viewer or Facebook profile pic downloader.
  • Select the official website and open it on your device.
  • Here you need to enter the Facebook username or FB profile you are to get the information from Facebook.
  • Finally, click the Submit button.
  • That’s it. Now you can easily see the locked profile pic on FB.

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Method 3: Add a locked profile person as a friend

Another simple way to see photos and profile pic on the locked Facebook account is to connect with friends and add them to your friend’s list. After you have been accepted you may be able to view that Facebook user photo and details.


Privacy is the most important concept these days for social media users. That’s why the Facebook profile picture lock and locked profile were introduced. I hope this article very helps to get some useful information about seeing a locked FB Profile. If you have any thoughts on your locked profile from your Facebook account then feel free to drop in the below comment box. Thanks for reading this article.

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